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3M Adhesives

Some materials are harder to bond than others. But with 3M™ industry applications, even many materials once defined as “hard-to-bond,” such as low surface energy plastics, can be bonded with strength greater than the materials bonded. The list of potential substrates ranges from glass, wood, cardboard, and rubber to steel, concrete, foam, polycarbonate, and just about any other material you can name. With the variety of 3M™ offers a wide of adhesive forms such as pastes, aerosol sprays, and tapes, you should be able to find an adhesive to meet the requirements of most parts that can be assembled with mechanical or fusion fastening. 3M™ Structural Strength Adhesives bond the load-bearing parts of a product.

As a rule of thumb, structural strength adhesives reach a minimum of 1,000 psi overlap shear strength. 3M™ adhesive formulations include the following:

• Epoxy are available in one and two-part liquids and pastes. Of all 3M™ adhesives, these provide the highest strength and elevated temperature resistance.

• Acrylic are two-part liquids and pastes to bond the widest variety of substrates including hard-to-bond plastics and oily metals. The distinction is high strength bonding without the surface preparation needed for epoxies and urethanes.

• Urethane are generally lower cost two-part liquids and pastes that cure quickly to an elastic bond in applications requiring flexibility between dissimilar materials. Impact resistance is a distinctive characteristic.

• Cyanoacrylate is high strength liquid formulations known as instant adhesives. On rigid plastic, glass, metal, rubber, and other low porosity substrates, they harden in seconds through reaction with surface moisture.

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