3M Cleaners

3M Cleaners

From a heavy-duty kitchen, scouring requires sensitive bathroom surfaces cleaning, make a brief job with trusted Scotch-Brite and 3M cleaning products for all your clean-up tasks. These long-lasting kitchen helpers are intended to maintain going –long after standard sponges and pads have called it quits–from wiping off counters to scouring out greasy pots and pans.

In one operation, the 3M Spray cleaner & polish cleans, polishes and protects all surfaces of stainless steel. Eliminates dust, prints of fingers, grease, residues, etc. The spray clings to vertical surfaces and leaves a protective light film to withstand fingerprints and streaks.

Spray cleaner for all surfaces of stainless steel that are not in immediate food contact. In one procedure, clean and polish stainless steel. It removes dust, fingerprints, greasy residues on all kinds of kitchen surfaces made of stainless steel. It leaves an invisible protective film that slows dirt particle build-up. Provides best results for delicate surfaces in combination with 3M scouring pads.

At 3M, we recognize that the bulk of your costs are labour and that the best way for you to maintain your margins is to increase the productivity of your employees – by finding less labour-intensive, more sustainable solutions or completely eliminating processes.

Talk to 3M first for a safer, more productive cleaning approach.

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