3M EPX Adhesives

3M EPX Adhesives

With high cohesive strength, each 3M™ Structural Adhesive bonds high strength materials and potentially replaces mechanical fasteners and welds. Depending on the adhesive, you can bond metals, wood, rubber, ceramic, composites, engineering grade plastics, glass, and more.

As an alternative to mechanical or fusion fastening, the reasons for 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ Epoxy, Acrylic and Urethane Adhesives are many: greater design latitude, cleaner lines, material substitution, less machining, lighter weight, more durability, and often less cost. To meet application and end-user requirements, there are formulations for bonding steel, aluminium, copper, low surface energy plastics, rubber, glass, wood, masonry and more.

3M Scotch Weld Adhesives

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