3M™ 1104 Low Tack Paper Masking Tape

3M™ 1104 Low Tack Masking Tape 3M™ 1104 Low Tack Paper Masking Tape is a chamois coloured crepe paper coated with a low tack rubber resin adhesive. · Ideal for use on sensitive materials such as anodized metals e.g. aluminium, titanium, treated woods or other critical surfaces. Suitable for Infrared / UV curing. · Crepe paper backing for conformability that will maintain integrity when formed around corners. · Backing saturated for easy tear - resists slivering yet hand tearable. · Rubber adhesive with instant adhesion. · Good holding power that resists lifting or curling and helps reduce rework. · Special backsize treatment controls unwind and helps reduce waste. · Designed for indoor use only. Tape should not be subjected to outdoor exposure or prolonged periods of sunlight as product may become very difficult to remove.

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