3M SJ-4570 Dual-Lock Reclosable Fastener

3M™ Dual Lock™ Low Profile Reclosable Fasteners can replace conventional fasteners such as, screws, clips, rivets, snaps and bolts in many applications where items need to be accessed or repositioned frequently. Dual Lock low profile reclosable fasteners consist of continuous strips of plastic backing, with tiny plastic mushroom shaped stems protruding up from the backing strip. When two pieces of Dual Lock low profile reclosable fasteners are pressed together, thousands of “mushroom heads” interlock with one another creating an audible snap, which announces that the fastener is locked. The mushroom shaped stems; once interlock can be opened and closed hundreds of times with no seal degradation. What’s more, as there’s no drilling or locating necessary, assembly is quick and easy with Dual Lock. The Dual Lock low profile reclosable fastener is thinner allowing it to be more flexible than similar reclosable fasteners. In addition, the Dual Lock low profile reclosable fastener offers intermediate strength between regular Dual Lock reclosable fasteners and 3M Scotchmate™ reclosable fasteners, with all of the advantages of a self-mating product. The strength, durability, and lightweight features of Dual Lock Low Profile Reclosable Fastener makes it a natural fit in the exhibitor, point-of-purchase, and electronic industries. Because of its clear design and the convenience of its one-roll application, it meets a need in the market place that no other fastener can. Backed with 300 LSE Laminating Adhesive technology; Dual Lock low profile reclosable fasteners are designed for joining together dissimilar materials such as powder-coated paint and hard-to-bond to surfaces as well as acrylic, wood, glass, metal, polypropylene, foam and fibreglass. Used in Point of Purchase and Trade Show Exhibition, marine, electronic and automotive markets, Dual Lock low profile reclosable fasteners attach ceiling tiles, carpet, headliners, seat cushions, covers, trade show designs, access panels, wall panels and small electronic devices.

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