tesa® indoor mounting tape

Screws, anchors, and nails leave unsightly holes in tile, walls, and enameled surfaces; many objects that are particularly sensitive and yet also heavy, call for a great deal of effort if they are affixed using tools, and yet items such as mirrors do have to be mounted dependably, sturdily, and durably, to the wall. With its new assortment of double-sided mounting tapes, tesa offers professional solutions to firmly and durably affix even heavy objects to slick surfaces and light items to rough or uneven ones. These particularly strong adhesive tapes, developed with the latest technologies, also make mounting these objects considerably easier at the same time. They are a convenient, simple substitute for tools and the labor-intensive work they entail. tesa® Indoor mounting tape ensures extra-strong hold for indoor applications. It is suitable for both even and slightly uneven surfaces. Heavy-duty double-sided tesa® mounting tape for a wide range of household applications, especially for fixing small objects indoors. · Ideal for interior use · Extra-strong hold · Holds up to 4.2kg per 10cm tape (for flat object up to 10mm thick and on most smooth, sufficiently firm surfaces) · Holds on tiles, plaster, wood and most plastics

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Size: 19mm x 1.5m

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