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With the Tesa Powerstrips® solutions, many things in the home, on the road, and at the office can be fixed easily and securely, without tools, screws, or nails. The poster in your child’s room of their favourite pop star, the balance sheet chart in the conference room or the hand towel hook in the bathroom, can all be removed at any time, quickly and easily. Just pull off the powerstrip® on the handle, parallel to the backing - and the powerstrip® loses its adhesive force. The item can then be removed without tearing the wallpaper or leaving a hole in the wall. Want to change your posters as the spirit moves you? No problem, with tesa Powerstrips® Poster! These innovative adhesive strips make it a snap to affix posters, pictures, or photos and remove them later without leaving any residue behind - even on tricky surfaces such as wallpaper and paint. Tesa powerstrips® Poster are removable double sided strips for light or fragile objects such as posters, memos, charts or drawings. · Removable at any time without trace. · Also usable on sensitive surfaces like wallpaper or gloss surfaces. · Tapered for invisible hold and easy removal.

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Size: 20 x powerstrips® poster

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